Who we are

AJWOOD France, the heir to a family business founded in 1922, specializes in the selection and export of quality hardwood. We take pride in upholding the human values of the wood industry, such as keeping our word and building trust, while infusing the dynamism of a young company established in 2004, solely dedicated to exports. At AJWOOD France, these principles have helped us weather the tests of time.

Under the current leadership, the company has continued to expand its international presence. Today, AJWOOD France exports 90% of its production worldwide and stands as a reliable partner for importers and professionals in the furniture and carpentry sectors.
Our commitment to quality and customer service is complemented by a strong dedication to sustainability, ensuring that our practices respect the environment at every stage of our process.

What we do

At AJWOOD France, we specialize in the export of hardwoods, primarily beech, ash, and oak.

We provide a “turnkey” service, handling everything from sourcing the finest French forests to delivering goods that meet your specifications, complete with comprehensive export documentation (according to the chosen Incoterm).

We purchase the wood directly at its source, either through public or private sales. We oversee the entire process, from the cutting of logs to the sale to the end customer, ensuring that our practices are sustainable and environmentally responsible.

Our bundles are carefully packed with uniform dimensions and securely strapped with a “special export” material resistant to breakage. Each bundle is standardized with a single length and thickness.

At AJWOOD France, we take special care to our product shipments. Our woods are prepared, stored in a secure environment, and then loaded for transportation to your destination, wherever you are in the world.

Where we trade

We export our products to over 30 destinations worldwide, including North Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Chile, New Zealand, and Mexico. To strengthen our global presence, we have established export offices in Asia and the Middle East, ensuring better service to our local customers through the presence of a member of our export team on-site.