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We offer a selection of primarily beech, ash, and oak wood species, as well as other species sourced from French forests. Explore our range and discover the various wood species and qualities we have to offer.

Beech - Fagus Sylvatica

Second in line among French hardwood species, beech is a precious and versatile wood widely used in the woodworking and furniture industry. It is a hard, moderately heavy, and strong wood with excellent mechanical properties. Sawn beech wood typically exhibits a creamy-white to pinkish color, with no distinct sapwood. Occasionally, you may find some red heartwood. It has a straight, slightly wavy grain with a fine texture. These woods respond well to steaming. Their ease of machining makes them an ideal choice for interior fittings, carpentry, furniture manufacturing, parquet flooring, curved pieces, as well as plywood, packaging, and blocking.
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Ash - Fraxinus Excelsior

With its creamy-white color, ash is renowned for its strength, flexibility, durability, and shock resistance. It is widely used in the manufacturing of furniture, flooring, stairs, doors, veneers, framework, joinery products, as well as for crafting curved objects like tool handles, musical instrument arches, and bent parts. Ash is also valued for its ease of workability, allowing for precise cutting, turning, shaping, and sawing operations.
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White Oak - Quercus petraea

White oak is known for its durability, strength, and high density. It stands out with its light color, ranging from creamy white to pale yellow. It is primarily used for flooring, cabinets, furniture, interior trim, boat building, barrels, and veneers. White oak finds extensive use in both indoor and outdoor applications in construction throughout Europe.
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Red Oak - Quercus robur

Red oak exhibits color variations ranging from light brown to deep red. It features a texture similar to white oak, with distinctive grain patterns and figuring. Red oak is also prized for its durability and strength, although it is generally considered less dense than white oak. It is commonly used in furniture construction, flooring, framing, and various indoor and outdoor applications.
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Poplar - Populus

Poplar wood is one of the lightest among hardwoods available. It has a whitish-gray color and is soft and very lightweight. It possesses good mechanical strength and flexural resistance. Poplar is easy to work with hand tools and machinery. It can be used in the form of lumber or peeled for plywood production. It is employed in making furniture, interior joinery, structural components, moldings, latticed panels, and plywood. It is also highly regarded for manufacturing crates, packaging, and pallets.
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Cherry Wood - Prunus Avium

Cherry wood, known as "Merisier" in French, is a strong and dense wood. The pinkish sapwood of cherry wood is distinct from its reddish-brown heartwood. It offers good mechanical properties, such as compression, tensile, and flexural strength. Cheery Wood is challenging to impregnate so it's more suitable for indoor applications. Cherry wood is well-suited for cabinetry, carpentry, interior fittings, furniture making, veneering, and turning.
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Birch - Betula

With mechanical properties similar to beech, birch is known for its ability to be bent and molded. It is light in color, lightweight, and strong at the same time. It can be easily cut, glued, and bent, as it retains the shape it is given for a long time. This explains why birch is often used to produce veneers and plywood panels, which are lighter than those made from other wood species. Birch has long been used to make tool handles, various objects, and especially furniture.
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Sycamore Maple - Acer Campestre or Acer Pseudoplatanus

Sycamore maple, also known as sycamore wood, is a moderately heavy and moderately hard wood that is not prone to warping. It is resistant to wear, strong, elastic, and flexible. Sycamore wood is typically white, sometimes very light yellow, with no distinct sapwood. It is primarily used in cabinetry, interior fittings, veneer production, as well as in the crafting of furniture, flooring, turned pieces, and marquetry.
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